Compost Pedallers

If you live in East Austin, there’s a possibility your address is covered by the service area for Compost Pedallers. They have a great idea and hopefully more businesses can follow in their footsteps. They provide you with a 5 gallon bucket and a tight fitting lid where you can put your “scrapple” as they call it, which is a cute term for compostable materials. Once a week, they will ride their bicycle to pick up your bucket and deliver a clean one. The compostable materials are taken away to be turned into compost that is delivered to several community organic gardens in the area such as the Springdale Farm and Urban Patchwork.

The service costs approximately $16 per month and in addition to supporting the health of local soil and food, you can earn rewards as part of The Loop program such as free compost, coffee, a week of yoga, and more.

The service area is currentlly pretty limited, but the company is growing and every aspect of their business gives back to the community in a very real way. Composting is a necessary part of the food-soil web and we should do it at every opportunity. Services like Compost Pedallers bring visibility and access to this critical function of our consumer waste.




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